The origin of our name is an ode to our Forest City heritage, which was a tobogganing mecca in the late 1800's. Toboggan clubs existed all over London, becoming so famous, they attracted visitors from around the world including famed author Mark Twain.

Massive wooden ramps were built all over London including sites at: Victoria Park, Western University, the original Carling Brewery on Ann St., and beside the Labatt Brewery. The most impressive ramp was a 485 foot long double chute, located across from us at Wellington and Central near Victoria Park.

It's in this spirit of toboganning, where people from London and area come together to have fun and enjoy locally made beer and food, that we bring you the Toboggan Brewing Company.

The Toboggan Brewing Company is committed to using local ingredients grown and raised here in southwestern Ontario. This is why we call our kitchen the 519Kitchen, because we believe that providing fresh ingredients ensures that our beer and food taste their very best.


Monday11:00am till 11:00pm
Tuesday11:00am till 11:00pm
Wednesday11:00am till 11:00pm
Thursday11:00am till 11:00pm
Friday11:00am till 2:00am
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Sunday11:00am till 11:00pm

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